Massive Attribute


python, pyqt, maya

This tool simply wrap all the common attributes between the selected objects and display them in a list, you can then filter this list and edit a given attribute for all the selection at the same time.

Massive Attribute
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You need to download the Python file and unzip it everywhere you want, or copy the script inside your user_document/maya/scripts folder

Here is an example of using the code with a raw import :

import sys
sys.path.append(r'PATH_TO_YOUR_FOLDER')   # replace PATH_TO_YOUR_FOLDER
import mass_attr

Or copy the folder's content in your user_document/maya/scripts folder and add in your the following line :

import mass_attr

Current version note ;

Version 2.0 currently handles :

  • Float
  • Integer
  • Enum
  • Bool
  • Float 3
  • Float 4
  • Color
  • String

Version 2 includes filtering options, improved attributes' values controllers, deeper attribute search and control over children.

If you have any questions... =)