Maya Walker


python, pyqt, maya

Inspired from the TAB tool of several CGI software (Nuke, Houdini, Maya's Node Editor, etc), I wrote this script to fasten access to Maya's Commands, it's easy it just read all your shelves and returns it as a list with some handy shortcuts.

Maya Walker
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This is the shortcuts list

²open / close Maya Walker
Enterexecute selected command
Ctrl + Enterexecute selected sub command
Double-Clickexecute selected sub or main command depending on Control Key
Tabswitch between results in order
Shift + Tabswitch between results in reverse order
Ctrl + Tabswitch between categories
Altdisplay the help for the current command
F5reload the Maya Walker's datas, if ever the shelves had changed

You need to download the zip file and unzip it everywhere you want, or copy the unzipped content inside your user_document/maya/scripts folder

Here is an example of using the code with a raw import :

import sys
sys.path.append(r'PATH_TO_YOUR_FOLDER\mayaWalker')   # replace PATH_TO_YOUR_FOLDER
import mayaWalker

Or copy the folder's content in your user_document/maya/scripts folder and add in your the following line :

import mayaWalker

Then the ² shortcut will be assigned to mayaWalker after restarting Maya

If you have any questions... =)