Radial Designer

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python, maya, pyqt

The common commands available via the marking menu concern shape's / mesh editing, but, as a rigger, as an animator, as a render guy, you don't need these tools. What about having your own :) ?

Radial Designer
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To import this tool in Maya, type in a new scriptEditor's tab :

import sys
import radialDesigner

or simply unzip the archive in your %USER%/maya/scripts folder and type :

import radialDesigner


I introduce you with Radial Designer, a script made to help Maya users to customize their marking menu. The Marking Menu is the radial menu opening when you press the right button of the mouse in Maya's viewport, as you probably already know, this tool is crucial if you want to work fast and efficiently.

Using this designer you'll be able to fastly set and edit your menus and command associated, thus you can design a menu for animation, an other for rigging, it'll help you and save a lot of time.


This first stable version allows you to create / edit your marking menu to create a new, personnal one.

You can then 'attach' it in the scene as a scriptNode. This means the next time the scene will be opened, the node will be executed asynchronously and the default Maya's menu overrided, then you just need to remove the scriptNode if you don't want your custom menu anymore.

P.S : The node is named 'markingMenu_override'

You can check at 3dBunk for a tutorial explaining the process step by step

The UI

Basically the UI is divided in two major parts ;

The upper one, which helps you to preview your future radial menu. You can duplicate a menu with the Ctrl + Drag and drop shortcut, or just swap it with a Drag and drop.

And the lower part, which allows you to edit every menu, their commands and appearance

Note : Upcoming release will allow you to create sub menus and load the actual overriden menu from the current scene.
Also will be implemented the contextual appearing of the menu.

May the peace be with you.

If you have any questions... =)