Space Bruce The very first time a platypus go into space !

Space Bruce
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Technical Prize in Jenlain Festival :) !

We've made this short movie with my schoolmates Eva Navaux and Gabrielle Locre for the Jenlain Festival 2014. The theme was to make a movie about 'a first time' so we decided to do the most obvious one ; 'the first time a platypus go into space', this was a great experience, full of learning and our first movie after school !
I was in charge of the technical aspect, rigging, scripting, the whole lighting, shading and compositing process, I also made a part of animation.

Rigging Process

The rigging was fun, I tried to develop something which allows to move the character's limbs all over the body, mixed with my 3dsmax's autorig, using Conform modifier we got something like that ;

 ⚭ Arm Rig